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Because of the influence of hollywood and publishers in politics new copyright laws are likely to reflect some of the effort of these lobbists. Because this is a time of rapid change we also have the opportunity to write those who represent us in Congress. So far the Internet has resisted attempts at censorship. New copyright laws provide some protection but like in times of old the world-wide nature of distribution and consumption causes problems.

Early in the history of printing a publisher would produce copies of a book. Later those in neighboring countries would take the book and republish it. Because they did not have to pay for the material, every copy they sold was profit. Today the publisher next door has easier access to digital works of all kinds. Everyone is a publisher. Books, movies, and music are all available on the Internet. Thought the United States is enacting stronger copyright laws regarding the Internet many countries outside the U.S. do not. For instance you may want a copy of a popular song. You could go to a website in the U.S. and find a link to a site in Japan where you can download the song without any charge. Even an international law regarding copyright will not solve the problems completely as some nations will find it difficult to comply and enforce the international standards.

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