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Copyright in cyberspace is more complex than it is in traditional print media. The Internet has unique features of hypertext, digital duplication, and rapid movement.

Hypertext allows the linkage to material that is not necessarily ones own and allowing a way to reference the work of another in a quick and concise manner. By freeing the reader from searching to verify sources the writer has used a powerful tool. For more information on linking click HERE.

Digital Duplication is amplified on the Internet. Instantaneous copies of anything you see on the Internet can be made with a few clicks of a mouse. These copies can be altered and republished on the Internet with great ease. Musical Works copied into MP3 files can be easily downloaded off the Internet. These musical files produce near CD quality audio eliminating the need of some consumers to buy CD's. Links to MP3 Players and MP3 information can be found at

Rapid Movement refers to the ease and speed with which information flows on the Internet. The freedom of the Internet comes in the quickness which one can move from site to site; idea to idea.